MTA Fulton Center

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Plaza MTA Fulton Center

MTA Fulton Center

Plaza, in partnership with Schiavone, was selected to build the new $1.4 billion MTA Fulton Street Transit Station. The new station was conceived back in 2002 in response to the devastation faced by the city’s Financial District on September 11, but the need for the station to be improved had existed for decades. 
On Sunday, November 9, 2014, the MTA unveiled the Fulton Center, located at the crossroads of Lower Manhattan on Broadway between John and Fulton Streets. This fully digital and accessible transit and retail hub serves as New York City’s next great public space and integrates architectural ingenuity that fuses history, art, and sustainable engineering. 
Encased in a glass and steel shell, Fulton Center improves the commuter experience by providing seamless transfers for up to 300,000 daily passengers and will improve access to PATH trains. 
Prior to the Fulton Center project, passengers had to maneuver through a complicated series of ramps, stairs, and passageways to access their trains, with frequent bottlenecks. Platform overcrowding and lack of ADA accessibility also made the complex difficult to navigate. The Fulton Center features open direct paths, widened corridors, and new mezzanines to separate entering, exiting, and transferring customers. 
Plaza completed the building enclosure from the existing street level foundation through the roof. The façade is blast resistant and is comprised of structural steel and glass topped with a glass dome skylight and is clad with stainless steel panels. The interior of the building is constructed of architecturally exposed structural steel, glass storefronts, stainless steel panels, GFRC column covers and ceilings, granite flooring and decorated with a cable net structure with reflective art work panels. 
Construction required tie-ins to the historic Corbin Building next door to the site. The MTA occupies the building’s upper offices. The facility has a state-of-the-art communication and electrical system, is ventilated, fully sprinklered and houses four ConEdison transformers and Network Protectors. The roof is constructed of stainless steel standing seam.  The project was constructed in a crowded, city environment with passengers walking right through the site on a daily basis. 
The new station is visited by over 300,000 people a days – that’s 85 percent of all downtown subway-goers. The centerpiece of the station is the 120-foot-high “oculus” which opens the ceiling to the sky. The opening of the oculus, covered by glass, brings in light thereby reducing the need for electric lighting. It also acts as a reservoir for the heat that rises from the subway lines, reducing the demand for air conditioning. 
The sky reflectors, the most traditionally artistic element of the design, are differently oriented to the sun, scattering and recasting light down through the aluminum paneled netting of the oculus Behind the netting of the oculus are three circular levels of retail space. 

We are proud to have constructed an iconic transportation hub that will be the focal point for visitors and New Yorkers alike. 
The MTA Fulton Center Project was awarded the: 
•    2015 Engineering News Record (ENR) - New York Best Project of the Year 
•    2016 Building Design + Construction Building Team Platinum Award 

Client MTA
Design firm Grimshaw Architects
Location New York, NY
Type Commercial / Mixed Use
Transportation / Infrastructure
Size 120,000 SF
Status Completed in 2015
Leed LEED Silver
Plaza MTA Fulton Center
Plaza MTA Fulton Center
Plaza MTA Fulton Center

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