Plaza Futures

Plaza Futures has been designed to provide you with a solid foundation for a definitive career path. 

Engineer drawing construction plans

At Plaza, our people are our greatest asset and through Plaza Futures, we invest in your future and ours. Plaza Futures presents you with a unique opportunity to gain professional experience, acquire life-long skills and develop a well-defined career path.

Through experiential learning, Plaza strives to teach you to work toward your goals and contribute to the success and productivity of our organization.

With a well-defined and specific curriculum, Plaza Futures will:
  • Provide a structured learning environment
  • Allow for the understanding of specific job competencies and skills
  • Level the basic knowledge and foundation for a career path
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“Plaza Futures helped me focalize and shape my career moving forward deep into construction industry, enhancing skills and boosting my confidence level with proper training and learning from highly experienced dedicated trainers/experts on field.”
Shiv Patil

“The Futures program is an outstanding career builder. It gives real world practices for each aspect within the construction industry. This helps each individual to discover what they are best at, choose their path, and fulfill their full potential.”
Tyler Throneberry
  plaza construction team

“The Plaza Futures Program Field Supervision Rotation has provided me with hands-on field knowledge and experience that will boost my career possibilities to a whole new level. I strongly encourage all future program candidates to choose this path because it will certainly do the same for them” 
Luis Yanes

“Not many companies in the construction industry plan ahead or visualize how the future of the company should look like. I’m grateful that here at Plaza they are indeed building and thinking about the company’s future and more importantly doing so from within itself. I’m excited and with great expectations to have started this program recently. “ 
Oswaldo Reina
“The Plaza Futures Program has taught me how to approach the day to day job in a professional matter. I have learned to propose alternatives for solving issues by taking into consideration  different perspectives thanks to the department rotation experience.” 

Saul Kalman
  plaza construction plaza futures

“Plaza’s rotation program, Plaza Futures, has provided me with a whole new perspective of the industry. I have been able to experience the field, which has enabled me to expand my construction knowledge and skills.” 
Fernando Aguero

“The value of Plaza Futures is immeasurable for basic construction skills. Between leadership trusting me with critical responsibilities, and mentors taking a vested interest in developing my job skills, Plaza Futures has fast-tracked my personal growth and potential at Plaza Construction. Thank you so much for this opportunity”
Xavier Guerrero