Isamu Noguchi Garden & Museum

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Isamu Noguchi Garden & Museum

The Isamu Noguchi Museum was founded and designed by internationally renowned, Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988) for the display of what he considered to be representative examples of his life’s work. The Museum is housed in a converted industrial building, connected to a building and interior garden of Noguchi’s design. 

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Long Island City, Queens, Noguchi designed the Museum complex as an open-air sculpture garden ensconced within a building that houses ten galleries. Visitors enter the two-story Museum through the celebrated sculpture garden, while the ground-floor galleries and garden contain a permanent presentation of work by the artist.
Phase 1 involved exterior work that included excavation and foundation waterproofing repairs, masonry repair, caulking, window glazing, demolition and installation of new concrete sidewalks and interior garden concrete walks, roof repair, and mold abatement. Interior work included framing and drywall, electrical relocations, doors and hardware, wood flooring, concrete floor grinding and finishing, and repairs to the elevator and mechanical systems. The fast-track, two-month schedule required close coordination with museum curators and art handlers. All work was performed during the exhibition set-up, and extra care was required to protect the previously installed sculptures.

Phase 2 involved the installation of new mechanical and HVAC equipment, and modifications to the entry. The project was managed under City funding and administered under Wicks Law. 

This Isamu Noguchi Museum was awarded the Top Project of 2009 by The Greater New York Construction User Council.

Client Noguchi Museum
Design firm Sage Wimer Coombe Architects
Location Long Island City, NY
Type Cultural / Arts
Size Phase I - 75,000 SF, Phase II - 42,000 SF
Status Completed in 2008

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