888 Broadway

Northeast - Commercial / Mixed Use, Adaptive Re-Use

888 Broadway

Together with Normandy Development, Plaza oversaw the complete restoration and renovation of the building which included the conversion of floors 3 through 6 and floors 4 through 7 (6 floors total) at 38 East 19th Street (these are contiguous floor levels in the conjoined space) into the core and shell of loft-style commercial office space. The project also entailed the construction of a new 1,800 square foot office lobby on 19th Street historic entrance for the office floors and a new rooftop amenity space.

The scope encompassed the construction and installation of 2 new 4-stop elevators located in a prominent location along the east wall of 888 Broadway, which is the ABC Store. The elevators have glass front doors with a glass panel in the front hoistway above the doors extending up to the ceilings.

A new office lobby was constructed off of 19th Street to serve the new office floors and added penthouse. This entailed lowering a portion of the building structure, adding a new storefront, elevators, MEP systems, and completing new structure for the penthouse. Additional work involved: the addition of a steel structure penthouse to the building structure, including all structural reinforcement; replacing a series of 100-year old skylights and rebuilding the structure, as much of the existing structured needed replacement, and installed all modern skylights all while the building was occupied; facade maintenance and repair; elevator modernization and new HVAC system throughout; and the construction of new core toilet rooms, core electric, telecom closets, and mechanical AHU rooms. A rooftop generator was installed. Floors 2-6 consisted of the repair and cleaning of the existing single pane window sashes with insulated units, while leaving the existing frames of the landmark building in place.

Client 880 Broadway
Design firm Mancini Duffy
Location New York, NY
Type Commercial / Mixed Use
Adaptive Re-Use
Size 250,000 SF