60 Charlton Street

Northeast - Commercial / Mixed Use

60 Charlton Street

The project scope is to vertically enlarge the existing six story structure and convert the building into a twelve story, Class A, boutique office building with retail on the ground floor. The square footage will increase from 50,000 to 98,000 square feet. The vertical enlargement starts at the existing roof level. The 11th and 12th floors will have outdoor terrace space and be freed up for new offices. The existing third floor of the building will be removed to allow for the vertical expansion creating an open two story second floor level and storage and factory space on the second, third and fourth floors will be freed up for new offices. The ground floor will be converted to retail space.The interiors of the existing building are being gutted and all existing mechanical systems will be replaced. Existing stairs and elevators are being removed with new stairs and high speed elevators being installed. The existing building lobby will be relocated to Charlton Street. The existing loading dock will be eliminated. The ground floor slab will be lowered to accommodate the new lobby location, a new service entrance at the SE corner of the first floor will be constructed and a new retail entrance at the NE corner of the building will be created.Two new passenger/service elevators are being installed with ground floor access through the new Charlton Street entrance. They will access all floors. A new hydraulic service elevator will be installed to service the ground and basement levels entrance on Varick Street.The façade of the current six story building is being cleaned and refurbished. The existing windows are being removed and the masonry openings will be enlarged vertically. One bay on both the Varick Street and Charlton Street elevations will have the brick pilasters removed and a notch will be created in the structural slab at both locations.

Client APF Properties LLC & Drake Street Partners
Design firm HOK Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum
Location New York, NY
Type Commercial / Mixed Use
Size 98,000 SF
Status Under Construction 2020

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