Multi-Housing News - Market Drivers: The New Faces of Residential Living

Press - June 6, 2018

One Thousand Museum penthouse rendering Rather than play it safe, some developers push the design envelope to anticipate what consumers will want next.

From site location and construction financing to lease-up and then—fast forward 20 years—renovation and rebranding, the lifecycle stages of a multifamily asset remain largely the same from decade to decade. But when it comes to design decisions and pulling together an innovative team, some developers are more daring than others.
You might not remember the very first green apartment building. Or the first affordable housing project venture that found a way to deliver market rate finishes. However, multifamily assets that don’t explore innovation in architecture and design may have trouble leasing up and retaining residents. Even more important than being first to market is the ability to recognize an exciting new direction and run with it.

The following case studies are just a few standouts from the many innovative multifamily projects currently on the boards or already open for business. What makes these projects stand out? What challenges did the designers need to overcome? Here’s the latest in micro living, affordable housing and more.

Project: One Thousand Museum Location: Miami
Developers: Louis Birdman, Gregg Covin, Kevin Venger, Regalia Group Construction Management: Plaza Construction
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects Completion: 2018