The only Choice: CMiC

Plaza Construction is a national Construction Manager and General Contractor based in New York whose driving mission of “Building Value With Vision” sets it apart from the competition.  This mission permeates through all of Plaza Construction, whether it be getting the right people working on a specific aspect of a project or being knowledgeable about the complete development project lifecycle and able to work with clients to create the best circumstances for project success.  Plaza Construction has translated its Owner/Builder roots by expanding nationally into eight core market segments.

“Our goal is to be both flexible and consistent in the delivery of high-quality services to our clients.  CMiC’s integrated platform, which enables greater inter-departmental communication, will ultimately lead to better operating efficiencies within Plaza and that bodes well for our clients.  We visited other companies already using CMiC and consistently found a clear level of satisfaction.  It let us know this was the right product for Plaza Construction.”

Richard Wood, President
Plaza Construction

Before choosing CMiC construction software, Plaza Construction used proprietary systems for their financial, project management and human resources needs.  However, as Plaza Construction began its national expansion, it became apparent that an easily scalable platform was necessary.  After a thorough evaluation of almost every solution available for construction companies, including Tier One and Tier Two solutions, Plaza Construction found that CMiC Open Enterprise v10 was the software solution to support the company’s growth.

“With CMiC, Plaza Construction has found a partner that allows us to distribute and fully execute our core business rules and procedures as we grow nationally.”

Christopher Mills, Chief Information Officer
Plaza Construction

The only fully integrated software solution specifically designed for the unique requirements of the construction industry, CMiC Open Enterprise v10 links all departments and functions on a single, scalable database.  One main factor in Plaza Construction selecting CMiC is how the software matches Plaza Construction’s business process straight out of the box.  With all information stored in a single database, visibility and access to data is increased to all project stakeholders - an advantage Plaza Construction will use to further enhance service to its expanding customer base.

PUBLISHED IN: CMiC, Construction Software EVOLVED, 2010